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For over 15 years the Ready To Pass faculty have helped thousands of nursing students prepare for the NCLEX and other nursing exams. There is no substitute for experienced teachers, and in all Ready To Pass programs you will work with experienced teachers and knowledgeable mentors. At Ready To Pass you will learn test-taking strategies, but our primary focus is developing your understanding of key nursing concepts. We can do that because our classroom, live distance learning and mentored study groups offer individualized attention.

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- help you truly understand what you know and fill in where there are gaps.

This is the infection control review course where you are a part of a dynamic learning environment, one in which innovative teaching techniques will reinforce your learning.

In all our courses you will experience the instructors' unique teaching style which includes a multi-sensory approach to the material that is tailored to meet students individual needs. This approach gives you more than review courses that focus on merely answering questions. We build confidence.

This courses provide in-depth coverage of the topics required by New York State to meet the requirements for professional licensure.  

Students who have gone through our NCLEX┬« program tell us again and again that our approach helped them understand what the test required to score well. The infection Control course is no different.

Our approach does not involve gimmicks. It's built on experienced, motivated teachers who give every student individual attention.


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